Nancy Cohen , ACC, RN

Molly is a caring, considerate, and intuitive coach. I met Molly three years ago when I was a new Coach. I wanted her to be my mentor coach. Molly not only mentored me but helped me with personal issues. I was going through a painful divorce with children involved and rejoining the work force at 50 years old, yikes! Molly helped me see how all aspects of my life interplayed. Under her love and coaching I achieved peace in my heart and the level of Associate Certified Coach with ICF. I continue to ask Molly for coaching as I need it. I completely recommend Molly and her big heart to anyone seeking a Life Coach.

Lisa Lanzano , MS RD, Essential Nutrition

I love working with Molly. She is very professional, insightful, and compassionate. I feel I can tell her anything. Things that have held me back in life are starting to improve dramatically, and that is a direct result of the work Molly is having me do. I have learned so much from her in a very short period of time. I look forward to each session. She is helping tremendously–more than I ever expected. Thank you, Molly!!

Linda Hardy , Program Director, Tu Nidito

Molly has been coaching members of our staff on both professional and personal issues. The staff loves her style and her way of supporting in a very non-juddgemental and accepting manner, while pushing them to be their best. I have seen many positive changes that I attribute directly to the work they have done with Molly.’

Shay Beider , Founder and Executive Director, Integrative Touch for Kids

Molly led women’s workshops and private one on one sessions for our healing retreat for families who have children with special needs. The feedback from families was outstanding. They said that her work was “life changing” and loved her style which was described as open, accessible, and highly effective. Molly is an outstanding facilitator and personal life coach.

Sara Gabalawi , Classical Cellist

Working with and getting to know Molly Eglin has truly changed my life. I met Molly during a time at which I very much needed support, guidance, insight, perspective and kindness. She not only delivered on all of these fronts, but has brought so much joy and light into my heart and has become a dearly treasured part of my life. Molly guided me out of the darkness and into the light. With her support and belief in me, I have started to believe in myself as well. She is incredibly genuine, loving, honest, loyal and generous. Molly will “tell you like it is” (but always with love), and this quality is so refreshing and much needed. Thanks to Molly, I have grown immensely and was able to shed many things which were holding me back. I could not recommend Molly Eglin as a coach more, and feel so grateful to have met this gem of a person.

Dr. Ronald Lalonde, Principal , Middle School, American School of Dubai

Molly Eglin helped me find faith in myself. She cares with a depth that confronts those excuses that are closest to us, the shady ones that underlie old stories of inadequacy. She roots them out with a light you want to live in.

Alison Carroll , MA, ACC, BCC

I came to Molly (or rather, Molly came to me) at a moment when I needed deep courage and a wise partner to help me find it. It was time to face some challenges connected to an old story of not being “enough,” no matter what I accomplished personally or professionally. The story was anchored in some family history, and it was showing up again at a time when I wanted and needed to live more boldly.

Molly is deeply intuitive, and she readily picked up on thoughts and emotions I held that were keeping me from fully accepting who I was and valuing the gifts I had.

She is also a direct and powerful communicator, and her honesty and transparency in our work together encouraged me to open up and share what was really in my heart and on my mind.

Even more valuable was Molly’s love and respect, which I felt every time I spoke with her. Working with Molly created in me a new and profound level of self-trust, which allowed me to have new and more powerful conversations with people in my personal and professional life. Today, I feel authentic and am deeply satisfied with who I am becoming as I age. She transformed my way of being in the world unlike anyone I have ever known.
Finally, Molly is a master of lightness. She is funny, flexible, patient and warm.

There is no one who embodies ontological coaching more than Molly. She is a master.