About Molly Eglin


I share about me only to encourage life about you.

I am a daughter, sister, mother, friend, and a professional.

I am in the trenches of this thing called life and I absolutely love, love, love living it! It challenges me, and saddens and elates. I have suffered disappointments and enjoyed glorious success.

I love nature, my family, dogs (2 poodles, pictures upon request) and friends but, more than anyone or anything, I love myself. (And that takes guts!)

My life purpose is to perpetuate wellness, joy, life sustaining changes and abundant possibilities for the body, mind, heart, and soul.

I moved to Tucson from Philadelphia when I was 18 years old. Why the move? I eloped with my childhood sweetheart who was accepted into the architecture program at the University of Arizona. I worked as he went to school at a flower shop and of course there is more to all the stories of my life. We had our first child when I was 23 and our second at 24.

In our 43 years of marriage I became courageous and didn’t even know it. I was the director of a modeling and Talent agency, was a concierge and then hiking guide at Canyon Ranch for 13 years, restored an old barn for a farmers market. I thought that was it, but I was longing for something deeper. I was the “go-to” person for just about everything especially if there was a crisis. I loved being there for people and would see possibilities that felt elusive for them… now it was time to see the possibilities that were eluding me. Viola!!!! A friend of mine suggested I look into coaching. In that moment my life changed I knew that was my calling. One thing led to another and within a week I found Newfield Network in Boulder.

Ontological coaching changed my life and has been shifting lives of my clients. I found me in coaching. I found a person that stopped being afraid to ask for what she wants and needs and most importantly felt deserving of it.