Ontological Life Coaching

Ontology is “the study of being”; how we observe through our body, emotion, and language. Albert Einstein famously wrote, “We see the world not as it is, but as we are”. Our feelings the moments when we react, the words of regret, anger and blame: NO MORE reacting to each situation. Ontology gives the tools to merely “respond” and feel powerful within our truths. Ontological coaching is NOT a quick fix to short-term goals, but instead it is creating lasting solutions for living a powerful, sustainable life.

With my own unique approach, I provide intuitive guidance, wisdom, and keen insight to my clients. I offer lightness, compassion, and commitment to the wellness of being. Through thoughtful, confidential, and safe conversations, we will observe what’s working in your life, and what is not; this awareness, I promise, will allow unrealized freedom in both professional and personal relationships. Together, in a safe, trusting space between us, I will guide you towards the experience of perpetual joy.

Live Extraordinary

Ontological Life Coaching Chart by Molly

Unconstructive moods and emotions control your life Learn how to SHIFT those moods and emotions and manage how you respond to life
Resignation and hopelessness Enjoy new possibilities for your life; get excited!
Dreading another day like this one Wake up to your greatest potential
No sustainable, loving, collaborative relationship Discover the true cause of why you don’t have the relationship you desire; meet your self-saboteur.
Fear (of abandonment, loss, job security, and even, success!) Distinguish between fears that serve and fear that is a function of the stories we tell ourselves; the messaging we’ve accepted
Familial connections are a source of frustration and tumult Create boundaries that protect you and allow connections
Ambivalent and overwhelmed Gain confidence and perspective
Without a clue of what you need Discover all you want
Not enough Live as you deserve
Sad, tired, and disillusioned Unearth happiness, energy, and clarity