Why choose Molly as your coach?

Molly Eglin is a certified life coach who specializes in the holistic approach of Ontology (our nature of being). She is dedicated to helping improve the life of her clients with heart, honesty, authenticity and humor. Working with Molly you will learn the tools to create new possibilities in your career, friendships, family dynamics, peer pressure, and love relationships. She will guide you in moving through challenges that possibly triggered beliefs you are not good enough. Molly will help you live your best life from wisdom, strength, vulnerability and love.

Ontology is based on the understanding of our emotional way of being, our moods and the conversations we have with others and ourselves.

Our familiar, historic life is dominated from what we know TODAY…

Through our sessions together, life will become manageable with emphasis on new results that allow your greatest “wants” to become your new reality.

Helping you create a life you love...

Life Coaching

Are you living your life or someone else's vision of how your life is supposed to be?
(where did the joy go)

Life Coaching for Relationships

Are you challenged in a relationship where you are not feeling heard or seen?
(where is your voice)

Career Life Coaching

Is the uncertainty of the future scaring the daylights
out of you?
(when did you stop believing in yourself)

Ontological Life Coaching

Is there the feeling you have disappointed loved ones?

If you answered yes to any of these, you would benefit from working with Molly as her style comes from an authentic,
tangible place that will inspire new practices and actions that lead to new ways of being in life.

Are you ready to make a change?